Case Studies: Miracles At Work

Case Studies

Please take some time to read our case studies on this page. Just a gentle reminder that Miracles are completely normal and simply part of life.

Since I come from a clinical background, I would like to steer away from hyped-up testimonials. Instead, I have been advised by the Divine Spirit to share our work via Case Study format because it is more informational, factual, and balanced in views. Coming up: Animal Healing Case Studies

Alex T.  |  Male, 31 years old (Singapore)

Case: Healed from Chronic Rectal Hemorrhage

Alex was my first “accidental” healing recipient who got healed instantaneously in one single session. Of course, this sounds uncommon, but we should perceive this as perfectly normal. Basically, Alex suffered from chronic rectal hemorrhage. He had been to many specialists in Singapore for over a year but continued to suffer from rectal bleeding. Alex did not believe that spiritual or energy healing could help him, but he was willing to receive. Alex fell into a deep sleep during the hands-on healing and woke up with no bleeding. Even though he was highly skeptical he could recover, the rectal hemorrhage never returned.

Healer’s notes: Since the recipient did not believe in healing, I thought this would be a difficult case to handle but it turned out the recipient healed very quickly. You may ask why did Alex get healed so quickly when he did not believe in healing? The answer is simple, the teachings of A Course In Miracles, tells us “Miracles are based on willingness” and Alex was willing to receive. His willingness outweighed his negative thinking. It also helps that Alex was a kind person with a good heart; hence he made a miraculous and full recovery after a 20-minute healing session. However, I do want to emphasise that different people heal and recover at different rate.

Tapas C  |  Male, 36-years old (India)

Case: Healed from Failing Business, Financial Troubles and Depression

Tapas was a 36-year old business owner who requested for urgent healing. When he emailed us from India, he was at his wit’s end. Tapas had sent his urgent request because his whole world was falling apart. His business suffered and he was feeling depressed and suicidal. I gave him several sessions of healing to remove the emotional pain, his mental dark clouds, his cluttered mind, his depression, and suicidal ideations that weighed him down. Like many clients, he reported a wave of calm and peace washed over him. Tapas managed to pick himself up and focused on rebuilding his business after his healing.

Healer’s notes: Tapas was a pleasure to work with. Although he sounded anxious and desperate, I could sense his sincerity to heal from his pain and depression.

I was happy that Tapas regained his confidence for life after the healing. But I was even more pleasantly surprised when he sent me a gratitude email ten years later to inform me his business has continued to do well and he has the financial means to do the things he had always wanted to do. We are always happy to hear success stories. We are elated that Tapas’ healing effects lasted over a decade and we sincerely wish Tapas all the best in his business and life.

Lucy L  |  Female, 46 years old (China)

Healed from Anxiety, Exhaustion, Burnout and Workplace Conflict

Lucy is a high flying executive in a fast-growing company in Beijing, China. She was a workaholic who worked till 11pm every day. Lucy requested healing for exhaustion, burnout and workplace conflict issues. Lucy shared that her demanding personality had caused tremendous stress and conflict with her colleagues and bosses. After the first healing, Lucy reported feeling serene and peaceful. After 3 weeks of healing, she reported feeling more balanced with less need for approval. Lucy’s anxiety had drastically reduced and her breathing had slowed down. She was able to love herself, changed her routine, meditate, improve her time management strategies and leave office at 6 pm without feeling guilty. Lucy no longer felt the intense need to drive herself and prove her abilities to others; hence her working relationships with her bosses became more harmonious. From a stressed executive in the corporate world, Lucy become interested in spirituality, wellness and meditation.

Healer’s notes: Lucy received rapid results because she was extremely receptive to healing. In fact, she requested for healing three times a week so that she could achieve emotional balance and tranquility. After each healing session, Lucy’s face would light up and look brighter. Due to her own healing success, Lucy is keen to become a Spiritual Healer.

Budi S.  |  Male, 45 years old (Indonesia)

Case: Healed from Spiritual Attacks, Financial Woes, Debt, Body Pain, Marriage Issues, Gambling Addiction, Impulsiveness & Greed 

Budi was referred by another healing recipient who suffered from financial troubles. Budi had requested for healing for many deep-seated troubles: marriage issues, accumulating debt, financial troubles with banks and loan sharks, depression, gambling addictive, impulsiveness, greed and most of all, spiritual attacks from a cult group who promised him material success and wealth The first thing I did was to release the spirits that were attached to him, as well as the dark past with his previous cult leader. These were the things that had caused him unexplained body and stomach pains that even doctors could not remove. After the first session, Budi reported feeling at peace without the gut-wrenching pain in his stomach. Subsequently, Budi received healing for his troubled relationship with his ex-wife. Lastly, healing was conducted to remove his impulsiveness for gambling and reckless lifestyle patterns. After a few months of healing, Budi shared that he had stopped his gambling addictions and reckless habits. He has been able to return to his stocks trading job with a calm and clear mind, generating daily financial rewards to pay back his debts.


Healer’s notes: This was a complex case but nothing is too difficult for the Holy Divine Spirit who is the most compassionate, patient and skilled Healer. With consistent healing, Budi was able to rebuild his life within a few months and return to his former job as a professional stocks trader (without the impulsiveness and greed). Budi is able to heal so quickly because he was (1) willing to cooperate (2) receive healing for addictions (3) forgive himself and others (4) turn over a new leaf (5) allow the Holy Spirit to remove his addictions, impulsiveness and guide him at work.

Budi’s healing was a dramatic change for him as his new lifestyle is completely different from the one he was leading before his healing.

Susana H  |   Female, 63 years old (USA)

Healed from Pelvic Organ Prolapse (Surgery for Rectocele and Enterocoele)

Susana sent an urgent healing request via Facebook. One of her messages was “I am having so much pain from my surgery, I am sure I am going to die”. Susana had a Rectocele and Enterocoele surgery because a prolapsed bowel was falling out. The doctor repaired the damaged wall tissues but there was a lot of damage prior to the surgery. The doctor also showed Susana a catheter (tube) which would be placed into her bladder through a small incision in her abdomen. She was told she would need to use the tube for the rest of her life to help her go to the toilet. The healing was done at night but Susana reported waking up the next day WITHOUT PAIN. In fact, she was able to walk around in the hospital. The issues of unstable blood pressure, chest pain, and breathing that came with her Pelvic Organ Prolapse disappeared after a few weeks. The catheter (tube) was never used and Susana has been completely pain-free ever since.


Healer’s notes: This may sound like a difficult medical case but I only did a few sessions for Susana. Because of the time difference, I could only speak to Susana during the day in Singapore. Susana received instantaneous healing because of her genuine desire to be healed. I continue to receive goodwill messages from Susana via Facebook on a frequent basis. She never forgot the Divine Intervention from the Holy Spirit when she was in hospital and has remained grateful till this day.

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