Enneagram: Spine of Your Soul

Gliding with Purpose and Grace

Gliding with Purpose and Grace

Enneagram is one of the most powerful self-development and healing tool in the world, yet it is often under-utilised. If you have always wanted to know about your Life Purpose or Higher Calling, Enneagram is one tool you do not want to miss.


What is so great about knowing your Enneagram Personality Type?

Enneagram is a 2000-year-old Personality Tool that states that there are 9 Types of Personalities.  By knowing your Enneagram Type, you gain an incredible amount of knowledge about yourself, others and the world. Knowing your Enneagram Type, is like having a strong spine in life. It makes you feel strong and confident, and it gives you a purpose.


Why Do You Need Enneagram?

Enneagram explains your motivation in life, why you do the things you do, your life-long fixations, your emotional struggles, your relationship dynamics between other parties, your drive for achievements, your communication patterns and even how your entire brain is wired.

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With Enneagram, the Ego becomes smaller and more manageable. The Spirit becomes more prominent and nourished.

Enneagram Supports Your Life Path & Shows You The Way

Enneagram is a fantastic tool for discovering your Life Purpose. Not only will Enneagram provide a clear vision and direction for your life journey, it will made you more human, more tolerant, more patient and more forgiving. You will be able to understand how all the 9 Personalities of the world function. When life events will fall into place, forgiveness and empathy become natural and a way of life.

 With a greater sense of clarity and direction, you will the gain the confidence to shine like a star and do what makes your heart sings.


The Results?

You will be happier, more confident and more peaceful with in your personal and professional life.


The most amazing thing about Enneagram is the peace that it gives to a person. When the world makes sense, you will experience peace and joy within yourself.


Enneagram is a very powerful healing tool for spiritual development and personal empowerment.

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