Miracle Light Path Meditation:

An Oasis for Peace and Healing

Miracle Light Path Meditation

Miracle Light Path Meditation celebrates your human nature and great existence. It is through deep calm that you will discover yourself on a profound level and experience the joy that comes with your Inner Being.

Experience Deep Calm to effectively clear out the clutter in your mind, and allow natural relaxation to restore balance in your body and soul. Miracle Light Path Meditation focuses on Inner Peace and Personal Healing. It is easy to learn, and the process is simple and effortless.

Join us at Miracle Light Path to create sustainable peace to help you stay balanced and energised for joyful living.

This is an open meditation session organised by Miracle Path Light, a healing community that aims to creates a warm and supportive environment for every Spiritual Seeker in need of Peace and Healing.

Miracle Light Path Meditation is facilitated by Nicole Ling who is a professional Counsellor and Therapist with more than 20 years of experience. She is fortunate to have learned Zen Meditation from her grandfather when she was 3 years old. Nicole is passionate about Healing and Mindfulness Therapy.

Date:  Coming soon

Kindly register on our events page or email info@miraclelightpath.com