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Miracle Light Path offers world-class training and workshops with unparalleled support and post-training internship.

Online Certified Miracle Light Path Practitioner Programme (USD$194)

Online Certified Miracle Light Path Practitioner Programme (USD$194)

This course is an excellent foundation for Miracle Work. Here, we explore the Principles of Miracle healing, the ethical framework, the methods and techniques in Miracle Healing, what it takes to receive and give Miracle Healing.


Is This Course Right For You?


Do you want to find out how to receive more joy, happiness, and peace in your life?

Do you want to have a rewarding interpersonal relationship – both at home and at work?

Do you want to be surrounded by joy and sunshine wherever you go?

Do you want to release fear, confusion, and sadness and replace them with unfeasible joy?

Do you want to get closer to the Universe, God, and the Divine Spirit?

Do you want to be untouchable and unshakable in Spirit?

Do you want to feel balanced in whatever you do?

Do you want to be truly who you are and live your life in joy?


In this 12-part online course, you will learn the ways of Miracle Work and how you can receive Miracles as part of your daily living.




  1. Introduction of Miracle Work: What is Miracle Healing and how does it work?
  2. The Holy Divine in Healing: The Source of Miracles Work
  3. About Nicole Ling’s work: Personal journey and inspirations
  4. Concepts of Love, Compassion and Forgiveness in Miracle Healing
  5. Becoming a pure vessel of love
  6. Being in the Divine Presence
  7. Meditation 1
  8. Meditation 2
  9. Basic Healing techniques you can use immediately
  10. The full Miracle Light Path Healing sequence
  11. Attunement for Miracle Healing
  12. Finding your true self: Life purpose and direction
  13. Conclusion: Sharing the MLP dream, vision and mission. Walk and grow with the Holy Spirit
The Healing Pod (USD$13 per month)

The Healing Pod (USD$13 per month)

Welcome To The World’s Most Powerful & Healing Portal! Come, Soak Up The Goodness of the Divine Spirit!

The Healing Pod is the ultimate Healing Portal for Spiritual Seekers. This is a healing portal rooted in Love, Acceptance and Universal Compassion. This is probably the most powerful space you can ever find anywhere around the world. The Healing Pod is managed by Nicole Ling, the founder of Miracle Light Path.

A monthly contribution of USD13 goes to the support of our work and enables you to receive healing on demand, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Certified Enneagram Trainer Programme (SGD$3688; Early bird: SGD$2994)

Certified Enneagram Trainer Programme (SGD$3688; Early bird: SGD$2994)

This is a 4-day certification programme for anyone who wants to be an Enneagram Trainer. The course includes post-training coaching and support.

Enneagram is truly God’s Gift to humankind. It is a humane and compassionate system that clearly maps out a person’s life journey. It is a system that illuminates your mind, frees you from the shackles of your past, releases you from your egocentric ways, halts unhealthy thinking processes and gently shows you how you can truly ascend to a higher-functional spiritual person.

Enneagram Supports Your Life Path & Shows You The Way

Enneagram is a fantastic tool for discovering your Life Purpose. Not only will Enneagram provide a clear vision and direction for your life journey, but it will also make you more humane, more tolerant, more patient, and more forgiving. You will be able to understand how all the 9 Personalities of the world function. When life events will fall into place, forgiveness and empathy become natural and a way of life.

With a greater sense of clarity and direction, you will also gain the confidence to shine like a star and do what makes your heart sings.


Level 1: Typing Skills

  • Enneagram review: Foundations & ethical framework for professional use
  • The 9 Types: The Full Spectrum of Enneagram
  • Typing & Identification Techniques
  • Mistyping: common errors and misconceptions
  • Full Spectrum Enneagram Theories: Reading the subconscious and unconscious mind
  • Advance theories in Enneagram
  • Fixations & The Ego
  • Uncommon and little-known knowledge and information about Enneagram

Level 2: Mastery Level:

  • Wings & Resources
  • Integration Lines & Disintegration Lines
  • Enneagram for Stress Management, Anxiety and Conflict Management
  • Enneagram for Healing, Depression, Trauma, Crisis and Grief Work
  • Enneagram for Professional Coaching: Helping Clients To Find Their True Selves, Passion, Talent, and Purpose
  • Enneagram for Professional Counselling and Therapeutic Work: How To Use Enneagram In Clinical Setting
  • Enneagram for Professional Training & Presentation: Programme Development, Lesson Plan, and Presentation Skills
Miracle Light Path Foundation Course (Level 1) (SGD$568; Early bird SGD$349)

Miracle Light Path Foundation Course (Level 1) (SGD$568; Early bird SGD$349)

Miracle Light Path Practitioner's Course builds a strong foundation for Miracle Work. Students learn the principles, the framework, the methods and techniques in Miracle Healing.

If you have always wanted to learn healing that produces real, tangible results, this is probably the best course in the world for you.


Day 1: Purification
1. Principles, Framework & Methodology
2. The Ego Fixation
3. The Miracle Mind: Breaking The Limits
4. Purification and Clearing Techniques
5. Physiology De-conditioning
6. Healing Technique: 5 Steps
7. Attunement 1
8. Zen Meditation
9. Healing Techniques Part 1

Day 2: Attunement & Healing
1. Energising Morning Meditation
2. Attunement 2 & 3
3. Healing Techniques Part 2
4. Hands-on practice
5. 3 Levels of Healing: Physical, Astral & Spiritual
6. Healing techniques for mild to severe conditions: Psychological, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual
7. Healing common ailments and conditions
8. Healing Pod Techniques
9. Hands-on Practice
10. Group activities and discussions